Interview Tips to Help Improve Your Job Interview Skills - $155 (90 min)

Are you disheartened by how long your job search is taking or that you’re not getting invited to the second interview stage? Are you struggling with competency-based interviewing? Do you get tongue-tied or nervous as soon as you set foot in an interview? Or you might have just lost confidence through several unsuccessful interviews. Maybe sometimes you even talk too much?

You are not alone!

The fact is, there are a lot of people who lack essential interview skills and struggle with interview performance and ‘selling’ themselves effectively. Well, you can choose. You can make the change, improve your interview technique and be so convincing that you’ll walk out of interviews knowing you’ve nailed it with interview tips that help you.

     - Learn how to structure and personalise answers to common interview questions
       including competency-based interview questions

     - Work on answers to interview questions related to your specific job/industry
     - Understand what your unique selling points are
     - Receive personal feedback and tips to improve your performance