Her clients quickly feel comfortable discussing what is at the heart of the matter

“Lyndal has a vibrant energy which you can’t help but get drawn into.  This helps her clients to quickly feel comfortable and able to discuss what is truly at the heart of the matter.  I found Lyndal to be caring, encouraging and tenacious to ensure clients get the benefit of her time and expertise and complete the session with new possibilities to explore. 

Her past experience means she can help you tackle the more “challenging matters” which of course, allows greater change.  I happily endorse Lyndal as a Life Coach”

Christine Walter, National Training Director, NZ School of Life Coaching

Lyndal goes the extra mile and treats you with respect and dignity

When I found myself unemployed after losing my job, I was really struggling with trying to get interviews or even short-listed for the interview process. My previous role had been as a Careers Advisor in a school, so I had all the skills but I couldn’t find a job. I had applied for over 50 jobs with no luck, until I was referred to Lyndal Clark.

Once I started to work with Lyndal, I was getting short-listed for interviews and at one stage was having up to 3 interviews a day. Lyndal was contacting me every 2 days to see how I was going and to offer advice. She treated me like a friend, not a client and she would go out of her way to make contact and make sure everything was going well - not just in looking for employment but to also make sure my family life was doing well.

With Lyndal’s help I quickly secured a wonderful job with fabulous workmates and I have never been happier or felt more job security in my life! If it were not for the way that Lyndal went out of her way to help me and guide me through the process, I would still be struggling to look for employment.

Lyndal goes the extra mile and treats you with respect, dignity and as a friend. She is truly caring, interested and a wonderful person! I thoroughly recommend Lyndal for all your personal consultancy needs!

Berni Aulavemai

Immense integrity and enviable people skills

"Lyndal worked in a training capacity initially while working at Virgin. However, her wider talents were quickly recognised and her scope of work increased to cover recruitment, general HR, course development, training and standards and customer service delivery and service standards. She represented our company with absolute professionalism and exceeded our expectations in all aspects of her role. She has immense integrity and enviable people skills and would be always be welcome back in the airline."

Mark Pitt CEO of Virgin Australia, Airline Specialist and Managing Director Quinn International Ltd

Incredibly understanding, encouraging and supportive

"Lyndal just exuded the confidence I needed to show perspective employers the start of my journey into the workforce, it's actually infectious! I decided to just go hard out and push myself out of my comfort zone to be successful. I feel like this was possible because of how easy Lyndal is to talk to and open up to.

She made it easy for me to chat to her on a very personal level very early on after meeting, I was then able to be honest with her about my insecurities about applying for jobs and I believe this made it easier for her to do the best job she could do for me too.

I got a job with one of the businesses Lyndal had sent my C.V and cover letter to. It was so exciting and I was so happy to get the job and love it so much. I felt excited to tell Lyndal as she had been through the whole process with me.

Lyndal, thank you for your time, your encouragement, your valuable advice which I felt I could trust from day one of meeting you. I don't think I could have done this as easily without you with me."

Melanie Kemp

Lyndal will try her damn hardest to disarm your fears

"At first, I had no idea what Lyndal was all about including what type of help she was going to offer me so I was a bit apprehensive about how I could benefit from her services. 

After my first meeting I was put at ease, Lyndal had an endless wealth of knowledge on offer.  Any situation presented to Lyndal she would have more than one angle you could come at.

I was unsure about how to answer a certain question that was most likely going to be bought up, as I have seized up and buckled in the past when this was asked, so Lyndal presented me with a whole lot of different phrases that could be used, where we both practiced together beforehand, this bought my confidence up immensely.

Lyndal has this professional flexible adaptable warm approach, she will step out of her professional hat to help you achieve what you need to, she will try her damn hardest to disarm your fears of something so you can get what you need, and she will push you uplift you and motivate you to help you get your goal.

I would recommend Lyndal’s services because everyone should have a person like this in their lives, let’s face it, we all need help sometimes, and this is the type of help everybody should have access to at least one time in their lives."

Hokianga Paaka

Extremely warm and natural way of engaging with people

Lyndal is a talented communicator and has an extremely warm and natural way of engaging with people. Her empathy allows her to quickly build rapport and relate to anyone. An exceptional listener, Lyndal is able to expertly facilitate a person to find the answers to their own questions.

It is a rarity to find someone who genuinely cares for people and always acts in their best interest. Lyndal consistently goes over and beyond to exceed people’s expectations. Her integrity and commitment to delivering outstanding outcomes for people is exceptional. Lyndal is a beautiful person both inside and out and I hold her in the highest regard.

Stephanie Mainprize, Employment Coach

I really don't know what I would have done without you

“Without your help and words of encouragement I would still be sitting at home, applying for jobs and wandering into job interviews.

I wish everyone I dealt with were as wonderful and great as you are - I really don't know what I would have done without you.”