Career Help and Guidance to Steer You in the Right Direction

My Coach Career Coaching Combo Packages are customised to your unique goals, giving you the career help and guidance you need the most. When you work with My Coach, the first thing we do is talk with you about what you specifically want to accomplish through our work together. We will then structure our time in a way that will best serve you.  The Career Coaching Combo package is perfect if you are looking at re-entering the workforce, looking to steer your career in a different direction, or simply wish to untangle the confusion, frustration and emotions that often go hand-in hand with job search.

Job Search & Networking

Networking is by far, the single most effective technique for securing employment.  It allows the job seeker to uncover ‘hidden’ jobs before they are even advertised. My Coach will show you how to ‘network’ effectively. Discover how to use networking to obtain information that will assist you and provide you an added edge when applying for jobs. 

  • Identify key people already in your network
  • How to connect with industry professionals
  • Significantly reduce your job seeker competition
  • How to communicate effectively with key contacts

CVs & Cover Letters

A CV is perhaps one of the most significant documents you will ever create, and continue to recreate for years to come.  It’s an ever changing document that you will add to as you gain more experience and seek out new opportunities. My Coach will provide you with the skills to create a winning CV throughout your career, tailored for each role you apply for.

  • Write easy to read, functional, friendly and professional emails, cover letters, prospecting letters and networking letters
  • Highlight relevant experience and skills to each job position
  • How to use key words and language that is relevant to the role and industry

Grooming & Personal Presentation

It’s important that you stand out from the competition. Often this comes down to how you ‘position’, ‘package’ and ‘present’ yourself to the employer. My Coach will work closely with you to help you add the final touches to your ‘marketing package’ and will be there to support you, share in your successes, and provide honest and open feedback at all times.

  • Standout skills and qualities that set you apart from the rest, without pretending to be somebody you are not
  • Showcasing your values and beliefs the right way
  • Getting your body language aligned with your words
  • Nailing your interview wardrobe
  • Proven tips to market yourself confidently

Successful Interview Techniques

The key to a successful interview is preparation and practice. My Coach will help you to identify what questions are likely to be asked, how to best answer questions, and gain an understanding and familiarity of current interview practices. Discover how to finish off an interview leaving a favourable and lasting impression.

  • Understand employer needs and demonstrate how you can meet those needs 
  • How to present yourself as a confident, articulate and capable prospective employee to the interviewer's business 
  • Strong solid practical examples to call upon that will back up your claims
  • Practical practise for phone, panel, one on one, group assessment, behavioural, informational, and final interviews