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With record levels of low unemployment, now more than ever, it's important to stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs.
I will work alongside you to produce a CV, Cover Letter and LinkedIn Profile that will present you professionally to the market.   I can also provide vital job search support and advice that will greatly increase the likelihood of you securing that next role.  


Hi, I'm Lyndal and I am genuinely committed to helping you through the recruitment process so you possess the confidence and resources that will allow you to achieve the job of your choice.  


Throughout my career, I have worked with well known local businesses including House of Travel and Lyttelton Port Company, as well as larger global companies including Virgin and Mediterranean Shipping Company.

As a Career Coach, I believe in working closely alongside my clients, delivering a personalised service that works for you. My own personal philosophy in life is to ‘be the best person you can be’ and to live to your own set of unique values and beliefs. 



CV, Cover Letter & Linkedin Profile Writing

Your CV and LinkedIn Profile are two of the most significant documents you will ever create when it comes to finding a job.  They are ever-changing documents that you will add to as you gain more experience and seek out new opportunities. Lyndal at My Coach will provide you with the skills to create a winning CV throughout your career tailored for each role you apply for.


interview SKIlls

The key to a successful interview is thorough preparation and practice. My Coach will help you to identify what questions are likely to be asked, how to best answer questions, and gain an understanding and familiarity of current interview practices. Discover how to finish off an interview so you leave a favourable and lasting impression.


job search & networking

Networking is by far, the single most effective technique for securing employment.  It allows the job seeker to uncover ‘hidden’ jobs before they are even advertised. My Coach will show you how to ‘network’ effectively. Discover how to use networking to obtain information that will provide you an added edge when applying for jobs.

1:1 Coaching Packages

Individual Coaching Packages are customised to your unique goals, giving you the career help and guidance you need the most. This option is ideal you are re-entering the workforce, want to change careers, or simply wish to untangle the confusion, frustration and emotions that often go hand-in-hand with successfully navigating your career.

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