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  • Lyndal Miller

Job Search during Covid-19

It feels like New Zealand, and in fact much of the world, is coming to a standstill right now, which may leave you asking, “can I still apply for jobs?”

The answer is YES, although you might have to reconsider your approach.

Many businesses may not be hiring today, and those who are still operational are very likely working on ensuring employees are able to adjust to a new routine of working remotely, but in time, they will be hiring once again. Right now, we are very likely to see a large number of job openings being put on hold, and without a doubt, some will disappear altogether as businesses struggle to control costs.

While this does not prevent you from actively working on your own job search, the chances of you securing a new job will be greatly increased if you are prepared to widen your job search criteria.

The silver lining to this Pandemic, is that a number of industries are urgently seeking to employ staff.

I’ve listed some of these below:

1. Supermarkets. We have all seen images of people queuing to buy food and other essential items resulting in ‘panic-buying’ and this is unlikely to stop in the short term. Supermarkets are actively recruiting in areas such as cashiers, shelf stackers and delivery staff.

2. Technology. Now that New Zealand schools are undertaking online learning, and many businesses are working remotely, there will be an increased need for skilled employees in the Technology sectors including engineers, developers, and service desk staff.

3. Transport, Freight & Logistics. Now more than ever we need to move goods quickly from location to another. Drivers, Warehouse and Stores, and picker/packers.

Last the first week of the lockdown, the above sectors were each advertising in excess of 100 new roles on Trade Me Jobs alone.

While we work our way through this pandemic, it’s important to think broadly and be aware that your next job may not be your forever, or even your ideal job. If you find yourself unexpectedly unemployed, remember, there is absolutely no shame in considering a stop-gap role that will allow you to pay the bills and put food on the table.

Keep positive, adjust your expectations to suit the current situation and above all – "be safe and be kind",

If you require any assistance, please feel free to message me.

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