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Supporting employees during Covid-19

As a business, My Coach remains open and is still available to support you, your family and friends during this period.

Thousands of Kiwis are at risk of losing their jobs and the employment impact is forecast to be large and long-lasting for many sectors of the economy.

The New Zealand Government has stated that they are committed to doing everything they can to support employees who may find themselves out of work during this time. In line with this, the Government has confirmed the ‘stand-down’ period for receiving a relevant benefit, will be removed. More information can be found via the Ministry of Social Development’s website

At 11.59pm on Wednesday the 25th of March 2020, New Zealand commenced an enforced ‘lockdown’ of at least 4 weeks. Without a doubt, this is an extremely worrying and difficult time. Many will find themselves without ongoing employment and the future is uncertain. One thing is however certain – it’s going to be a difficult road ahead as we endeavour to manage finances, business needs, families, and our own mental health. As we look to fill in the days ahead it’s important to focus on what we can do – not what we can’t. Now is the time to take whatever steps we can to ensure we are well placed to re-enter the workforce when the time arrives.

As an experienced Career Coach, I am able to work with you to ensure you have a CV that is professional and provides you with the best opportunity to secure employment. I work across all industries, and all levels of roles, and can work with you remotely (online and/or via phone) to ensure you are well equipped to secure work.

I understand that many will have jobs to go back to following the ‘lockdown’ however, experience tells me that during times of significant change, a sense of restlessness and disenchantment often transpires. Should this be the case, I am also able to support you as you contemplate alternative employment possibilities.

Please contact me for further information and we can schedule in a time to discuss your individual requirements.

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