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  • Lyndal Miller

Would you be ready for an interview tomorrow?

If worse comes to worst and you lose your job as a result of Covid-19, you’ll very likely be keen to re-enter the job market just as soon as you can. It’s clear that there is going to be increased competition for jobs, however, there are a number of things you can do to be ‘job-ready’.

Here’s what you can do to prepare:

Update and improve your CV

First of all, you can make sure your CV is up to date. Add your most recent work experience, and try and incorporate keywords from job postings that appeal to you. It’s critical your CV is accurate so maybe ask a friend (who is in your bubble) to proofread it for you. If writing CV’s isn’t your thing – please find someone who can do this for you.

Update, improve or create your LinkedIn profile

Start engaging with people and businesses on LinkedIn. Now is the perfect time to connect with former colleagues and jot a quick note to check in and make sure they are ok. You can also comment on threads and share relevant articles and personal thoughts that might help someone in your network. It’s important that you get your name out there. If you have lost your job you can amend your profile so that it shows you are open for new opportunities.

Start your job search now!

Even if you are still employed, it’s not too early to start scanning the various job boards, and letting others know you are interested in new opportunities. It’s important to keep in touch with what opportunities are available, what skills are in demand and what industries are hiring. Spend the time researching companies that interest you. Many of the job search platforms allow you to subscribe to industry-specific email updates so that you never miss a new listing.

The fear of losing your job can be overwhelming and with the relentless media coverage there can be a tendency to immerse yourself in the doom and gloom of this situation. Unfortunately, exposure like this can lead to inaction, and inaction won’t help you find that next job. That is why I recommend starting as early as possible and taking things step by step – it’s important to do what you can to ensure you are ‘job ready’.

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